MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO AMEND THE RULES AND REGULATIONS AT ANY TIME, AT ITS SOLE DISCRETION. Management reserves the right to evict anyone not abiding by the rules. One warning will be issued. If the problems persist, the person or persons responsible will be asked to leave the property within 24hrs. Park fees are non-refundable. The trailer will be removed by Tapson Ltd. – A storage fee and removal fee will be charged and paid prior to the release of your trailer.



As safety is a number one priority, all trailers must be equipped with working smoke alarms, carbon monoxide and fire extinguishers. No unlicensed person is allowed to work on propane systems. Each trailer owner must insure their unit for fire and liability and show proof of the policy at the start of each season.



The barn/Fire pit is available for everyone’s enjoyment. IF using the barn/fire pit you are required to clean up afterwards. No excessive noise will be permitted after 11pm.



The beach, trampoline, lake, docks, and any floating platforms are unsupervised and are to be used strictly at the users own risk. It is the Occupants responsibility to ensure that their family, guests, visitors and invitees are fully apprised of, and comply fully with the rules and regulations associated with the use of lake, beach area, docks, and trampoline and floating platforms. Children under the age of 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult at all times. Please ensure all young children are fitted with life jackets. No diving off trampoline, docks and or any floating platform.



Riding of bicycles is prohibited after dusk. Bicycles are only permitted to be ridden on the roadways within the resort. Bicycles must be ridden slowly at all times and bike riders must exercise care and control at all times. Cutting across campsites is prohibited.



The dock area is unsupervised and is not secured storage. Docking facilities are used at the boater’s risk. Boats must be properly secured at all times when moored at the dock and must be fitted for the elements when the boat owner is away from the Resort. The Resort accepts no responsibility for property damage or theft.

No fishing in or around the Boats



Construction or improvement of any kind to the Trailer must have the prior approval of the Office. Where applicable the Occupant will be responsible to obtain and adhere to the provisions of a building permit from the municipality having jurisdiction. The Office reserves the right to limit or prohibit access by outside tradesmen or suppliers. The Office reserves the right to limit time periods during which construction can take place. Specifications for decks, sheds and add-a-rooms can be obtained from the Office.



The Occupant is responsible at all times for the supervision, conduct and behavior of any children and teenagers on resort property. Whether the children or teenagers are part of the Occupant’s family or are visitors, guests or invitees to the Occupant’s campsite, the Occupant will ensure their compliance with all rules and regulations of the resort. All children and teenagers (persons under 16 years of age) must be on an adult supervised campsite by 11:00 p.m. each night. Children and teenagers may not be left in the resort at any time without adult supervision. Young children using any of the recreational facilities or equipment must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. The playground areas and playground equipment are strictly off limits after 11pm each day.


Cottage/ Beach area AT NIGHT

No one is allowed down to the cottage / Beach area after dark! Unless you require access to and from your boat.



The Occupant must maintain the Trailer and Trailer site at all times. Do not allow any refuse, garbage or other loose and objectionable material to accumulate on or around the property.

Lawns must be maintained at all times. Grass cutting, weed eating and site beautification is your responsibility!! If the park management cuts your lawn or does any necessary maintenance, a fee will be charged.



Line & Umbrella type clotheslines are not permitted. Drying of bath towels and bathing suits only are permitted on the site. It is not permitted to use clotheslines to dry personal laundry. Clotheslines may not be strung from trees or shrubs on the site.



ALL Construction or improvements of any kind to the Trailer or the campsite must have prior written approval of the Office. The Office reserves the right to limit time periods during which construction can take place. Specifications for decks and sheds can be obtained from the office. Contractors engaged to work on site are required to check in at the office prior to proceeding to the site. Contractors must have valid insurance to enter the Resort.



Any Electric heater and Fireplace are only permitted if paid for with your seasonal site fees. Additional charge will be applied if not disclosed and/or the occupant may be immediately terminated and the trailer will be removed at the owner’s expense. No Refund on the remainder of seasonal fee.



Any other visitors, guests or invitees must be registered by the owner of the trailer using our online form. Each time they enter the resort. The owner is responsible for completing the necessary information and notify the office prior to or on arrival. *** A Maximum of 2 visitors per trailer! – Unless you have approval by Management.




Fences of any type are not permitted unless you have prior written approval of the Office.



No open fires are permitted on the campsite or in the resort, except in designated areas, i.e. fire pits. The Occupant, their family, guests and invitees are responsible to ensure that any fire is under control at all times and that such fire is fully extinguished after each use with water, either before leaving the campsite or retiring for the evening. The Occupant may use interlocking brick or patio stones around the fire pit to provide a non-combustible surface. Fire bans will be posted on the white board. Firewood – No outside firewood is to be brought into the park without consent.



Any use of fireworks is strictly prohibited.



A second fridge is only permitted on the site if it is stored inside a shed and not visible. Additional charge will apply. Fridges cannot be older than 10 years.



Small CLEAR BAGS ONLY or grocery store bags! Disposal of garbage will be restricted to designated garbage bin. The garbage bin is for normal household garbage ONLY! Recycle bins – Please refer to List of Acceptable Items for Recycling and un-acceptable Due to COVID19 not available for 2020. Please take your recycling home. All HOUSEHOLD garbage shall be properly bagged in CLEAR Bags, packaged, separated or bound in appropriate CLEAR plastic garbage bags to prevent debris, odor and to facilitate disposal.

It is prohibited to put fire-pit ash, branches, leaves or wood in the garbage bins. Absolutely NO – bikes, furniture, mattresses, propane tanks, planters, BBQ, fridges, etc are permitted to be left in or around the garbage bin unless approval of the office. Make other arrangements for disposal of these items.

Only items that can be recycled are to be left in the recycling area in the Blue bins. IF the bins are full do not leave items!

Cardboard – please burn in your firepit or take home. It is not to be left in the garbage bin, garbage area or recycling area.


Golf Cart Rules

Carts are to be driven on the roads only! Please do not drive on the lawn to avoid speed bumps and refrain from using the lawn at the front of the park. Carts on to only drive on roadway. Carts are not to be driven after dusk or prior to 9 AM - No exceptions! Carts are only to be driven by the owner(s) or the trailer. Golf carts must carry insurance an a copy must be provided to the office.
They are not for joyriding. Everyone in a cart must be seated in a seat! Carts are not allowed to have open alcohol. However, you may bring un-opened alcohol to and from your destination in a cooler.

Do not operate your cart when impaired by alcohol. Carts to and from the beach are not permitted. Unless you have a medical condition. Please advise the office.

Leave the cart at the designated parking area and walk down. Wagons are provided for you convenience to take items to and from the beach.

The use of golf carts is a privilege - The management reserves the right to ask that the golf cart be removed from the property if the rules are not followed. The rules are in place to insure everyone's safety.



The resort will not be held responsible or liable for any property damage or theft. It is the responsibility of the Occupant to provide current property as well as liability insurance. Please supply the resort office a copy of your insurance policy. Insurance policy shall include 1,000,000. Liability coverage.



The Occupant, their family, guests or invitees shall not injure or remove the lawn, shade trees, shrubbery or other trees or plants anywhere on resort property, including the campsite. The Occupant shall be responsible to the Resort for any damages to the campsite, the resort or any of its facilities or amenities, caused by the Occupant, his family, guests, visitors or invitees. Any modification of the site (plants, trees, patio stones etc.) are to remain on the site if tenant leaves and become the property of Tapson Ltd.



The only persons permitted to occupy the trailer site are the Occupant, their spouse and any unmarried children under 21. All other persons are considered visitors. A maximum of 2 persons are permitted to occupy and site overnight, unless specific provisions have been put in place with the Office. The Resort reserves the right to impose a surcharge where occupancy exceeds this limit. The Occupant hereby indemnifies the Resort Owner and its employees against any claim made by visitors, guests or invitees of the Occupant to the campground, for any loss or damages to person and /or property.



The parking of motor vehicles is restricted to the designated parking space(s) on the resort site, or to designated visitor parking areas within the resort; a maximum of one (1) vehicle permitted on each campsite. Additional vehicles must be parked in designated visitor parking areas with a tag for the rear view mirror with lot number visible. Under no circumstance are vehicles permitted to park along the private roadways within the resort. Vehicles parked on the private roadways will be subject to towing and impounding at the vehicle owner’s expense without further warning. Any exceptions must have written authorization from the office. Boats, snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles and utility R.V.s shall not be parked at the site. Do not park in vacant sites!!! More than 1 car for an extended period will be charged.



1 Dog per site (unless prior approval) Small non-aggressive pets only. Free ranging of pets at any time is prohibited. Noisy or unruly pets or pets that constitute a nuisance or are not controlled by the Occupants will be asked to be permanently removed from the resort. Pets will not be permitted, nor are they allowed on or around the beach area. All pets must be tagged, have proper shots and shall comply with any applicable municipal bylaws. It is the Occupant’s responsibility to care properly for any pet and to clean and restore any areas of the campsite or the resort where mess or damage has occurred. The Resort reserves the right to refuse entry to large or aggressive dogs. No visitor dogs allowed.



No occupant shall create or permit the creation of or continuation of any noise or nuisance that disturbs the comfort or quiet enjoyment of any other occupant, or guest of the resort. No excessive noise will be permitted outside of the Trailer between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Dependent children must be on your camp site or a campsite supervised by whoever paid the camp site fee by 11:00 pm curfew. In the event of a gathering of campers at the Occupant’s campsite, the Occupant is responsible and will be held accountable to ensure that the noise restrictions are observed.



All site repairs must be approved through the Resort Office. No repairs of any kind to any motor vehicles may be performed anywhere on resort property, including on the campsite.



Renting or leasing out the Trailer is strictly prohibited. Where any Occupant is found to have rented out or leased out a Trailer the License of Occupation will be immediately terminated.



All Trailer sales within the Resort must be handled through the Office and must be approved by the Office. Management reserves the right to disallow any sale of a Trailer intended to remain in the resort where the Trailer’s age and/or condition do not meet current Resort standards. A 5% fee plus HST will be charged regardless of who sells the unit. The fee is 5% Plus HST. Minimum charge is 1000.00 plus HST. All purchasers of trailers must be approved by management before the unit is sold. Everyone should keep their trailers and lots in good repair. It doesn’t take much effort to wash the trailer and keep things neat. At our discretion, we may suggest to some owners that they seriously consider upgrading their trailer.

New Trailer’s, sunrooms, screen rooms and hard awnings can be purchased through the office. Approval is required



In order to keep current and to ensure a well kept Resort - trailers older than 2005 will not be able to be re-sold and remain on site unless approved by the office. This restriction may be waived at the Management’s discretion.



TV Towers and antennae of any kind are strictly prohibited. Satellite dishes are permitted if approved in writing by the resort office and must not interfere with resort maintenance. Satellite dishes may not be mounted on trees and trees or branches may not be removed from the campsite to facilitate reception of a satellite signal without the express prior written consent of the Resort Office.



Seasonal fees are non-refundable.

Should you decide to leave or are asked to leave the resort before the season is complete you will not be reimbursed for your seasonal fees. 800.00 winter storage is due by September 1. The balance of your seasonal fee is due April 1. If the site is not paid in full by April 1. You will be charged a late fee and or your trailer will be removed and stored at your expense.



Only one (1) shed is permitted on each campsite. Sheds must be factory fabricated; a maximum of 8’x10’ in size and the location of the shed on the campsite must be approved by the Office.



All trailers must be skirted within one (1) year of set up. Skirting must be maintained in a first class manner at all times. Specifications for skirting may be obtained from the office



The speed limit of any licensed motor vehicle operating within the resort is restricted to 10 km/h. This will be strictly enforced. ATV’s, mini-bikes, scooters, and any other non licensed vehicles are prohibited within the Resort. (Resort Specific)



Sleeping tents are not permitted on seasonal campsites.



Maximum of 2 visitors per trailer. It is the responsibility of the Occupant to ensure that all visitors are registered at the office when they arrive and that any visitor’s cars are parked in the designated areas. It is the responsibility of the Occupant to ensure that all visitors are made aware of, and adhere to, the Resort Rules. The Office reserves the right to limit visitor’s access to the Common Areas and Facilities of the campground, at its sole discretion.

Maximum of 2 visitors per trailer - unless prior arrangements have been made with the office and visitor rates will apply.

No one is permitted at your trailer unless owner is present.



Visitors with boats are to register and pay the visitor boat fee at the Office and will be assigned a dock (if any are available). Launch fees will also apply if using the launch.